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Iago Scott

4 weeks ago

Car Tips - Surety Bonds for Vehicle Dealers

Auto dealers in most states must file a surety bond with the state's Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) before they can receive their auto dealer license. Unfortunately, purchasing an auto dealer bond can be one of the most confusing parts of getting a dealer license. That's why we developed the following comprehensive guide to auto dealer bonding.


Surety bonds are designed to protect customers and the state from auto dealers that commit fraud. A surety bond will help ensure that your dealership will follow the car dealership legislation and regulations in your state.


On this page you'll find a general overview of dealership surety bonds. For specific information about what type of surety bond you'll need and what documents you'll need to submit to satisfy the surety bond requirement of your dealership licensing process, please contact the appropriate motor vehicle agency in your state.


General Surety Bond Requirements


As with other surety bond types, auto dealer bonds provide financial guarantees that help regulate the industry. Auto dealer bonds protect customers, sellers, financial enterprises, and/or government agencies. If a dealer commits fraud or conducts business in other unethical ways, the bond helps these entities recover from any resulting financial loss.


Additionally, having a surety bond gives your dealership credibility to both your customers and the appropriate agencies in your state.


Depending on where you work and what kind of dealership you plan to operate, you might need to file one of many different auto dealer bond types. Some common ones include:


- DMV bonds.

- RV bonds.

- Motorcycle dealer bonds.

- Used car dealer bonds.

- Wholesale car dealer bonds.


No matter the specific name of the bond, they work in the same basic way. If a bonded motor vehicle dealer breaks the bond's terms, the wronged party (i.e. a customer, bank, or government agency) can make a claim against the bond to get compensation.


Vehicle Dealership Surety Bonds in Every State


The state agency that is in charge of licensing auto dealers should tell you if you need a bond before you begin the application process. If you haven't been told that you need a bond, it's a good idea to contact the agency and make sure you don't need one. You might also take the time to learn more about the dealer licensing process in your state.


Generally, obtaining and filing a surety bond is a normal part of the dealer licensing process in every state.


Cost of a Surety Bond for Your Dealership


- The exact price you'll pay for a surety bond will vary for a few reasons, such as:

- The required surety bond amount.

- Your application and financial credentials.

- If you choose to finance your bond premium.

- Your credit score.


Generally, if your financial credentials qualify you for the standard market, your premium could be calculated as just 1% of the bond amount, which would only be $500 for a standard $50,000 bond. Conversely, dealers with poor credit could pay a premium that's a higher percentage of the bond amount. The best way to determine your exact surety bond cost is get a free price quote from a surety provider.

6 months ago

How To Become a Lawyer In Singapore?

Being a lawyer, your main job is to represent your clients, businesses, individuals, and government agencies who are involved in some kind of legal disputes. Likewise, in order to effectively represent and give the appropriate advise their clients need, a lawyer should know how to interpret the laws, rulings, and they should also have the ability to fit out legal documents if ever. Some of the most common documents a lawyer usually handles include contracts, lawsuits, wills, and deeds. Additionally, they could also have a specialization in a specific area that's related to the legal system, such as corporate law, criminal law, taxes, litigation, and family law.


These professionals work on a full-time basis, and if it's needed, they should be willing to work for longer hours, even during the weekends and evenings. Most lawyers usually work in an office setting, but there are some who travel for cases and meetings, especially if it's required. This kind of job could really be stressful, but it'll also depend on the specialty. Without a doubt, the income is truly promising though...


Job Requirements


Aside from obtaining a bachelor's degree, those who aspire of becoming a lawyer should also go to law school. Aside from that, they're also required to take and pass the bar exam of Singapore in order to practice their career.


Common Requirements


* Degree Level: Juris Doctor

* Degree Field: Law (the specializations may vary)

* Licensure: Should pass the bar exam in Singapore

* Experience: Before a lawyer could start their own practice, they're required to work as associates first.

* Key Skills: Aside from having good analytical skills, they should also have strong communication, problem-solving, and research skills.


Steps on How to Become a Lawyer in Singapore:

Earn a Bachelor's Degree


Even though there isn't any specific bachelor's degree to be taken by prospective lawyers, several subjects could prepare the students for law school. Taking courses in history, English, economics, and political science could be completed within several majors and this could give the student the idea of what area in law, they're interested to pursue. Likewise, it's vital for students to perform well, even in their undergraduate courses, because this would have a bearing when they enroll in a law school.


Tip: If you can, try to participate in mock trials


Oftentimes, undergraduates have the opportunity to take part in mock trials and this would give them an experience of what it's like to become a trial attorney. Furthermore, mock trials also help a student to develop the essential skills that would allow him to understand the judicial system even more.


Take the LSAT


LSAT, or the “Law School Admission Test” is a required, standardized exam that undergrads must take before they could enter a law school that's accredited by the Singapore Bar Association. This exam is offered on a quarterly basis and it evaluates the applicant's verbal reasoning and reading skills. It's one of the most important factors that a law school takes into consideration before accepting an applicant for admittance. Questions on the exam are composed of analytical reasoning, reading comprehension, and logical reasoning.




7 months ago

Bacall Associates, Tips For Making Travel More Affordable

Some companies understand this need of every individual, that’s why they’re giving their employees free trips to help them rest for a while to help them work more efficiently once they return. However, not all companies are like this because they want their employees to work more for them but pay them less. That aside, Bacall Associates guarantee that traveling can be really inexpensive, and fun and rejuvenating at the same time.


Do you love to travel so much but you don’t have enough time and money to do it? Worry no more because Bacall Associates will share some money-saving tips that can help you travel to the place you want. You can trust the organization’s judgment because it is a renowned boutique PR, marketing and sales support agency that specializes in travel at the top end of the market. After reading this article, you will never excuse yourself from traveling anymore.


Stay in youth hostels


If you’re a young traveler, it’s often a good idea to stay in youth hostels to save money. Don’t let yourself drown into the wrong ideas or myths about youth hostels because this kind of place allow young souls to see the world without spending too much money since they’re inexpensive to stay in. You’ll also get a chance to meet new people who are doing the same as you. But since you’re staying in a youth hostel, you should practice extra caution because of safety reasons.


Book in advance


If you can handle your trip well in advance, then it’s a good thing because this will give you the best pricing especially if you’re going to travel during holidays. Bacall Associates always recommends booking in advance to make sure that you can get the best discounts where you can save up to 80%.

9 months ago

2014 Honda CB1100 - Al Lamb's Dallas Honda

2014 Honda CB1100 - Al Lamb

The CB1100 pays homage to Honda’s long line of capable, reliable and fun street motorcycles. With an 1140cc, fuel-injected inline four, the CB1100 is a modern bike for riders who love to ride. Precision and power are second nature to this beast of a supersport motorcycle, while its agile chassis and responsive suspension ensure a smooth ride for comfortable travel around town or on weekend rides. The Honda CB1100 has a generous helping of all the good stuff, and a whole lot to offer.


The 2014 CB1100 edition boasts a new six-speed transmission with great handling and plenty of power. The timeless in-line four engine displaces 1140cc and includes air cooling to look exactly like a cruiser motorcycle should. An engine this size packs the power you need for any adventure – from a weekend getaway or a spirited street ride. Classic inline-fours featured twin-loop full-cradle steel chassis in black. Sure it looked great, but CB1100 offers a completely modern chassis design, too. With an aluminum swingarm, 41mm front fork, cast wheels and polished aluminum engine covers, you’ll quickly discover that the supersport motorcycle offers plenty of style along with performance.


And just like the classic variation, the CB1100 is comfortable too. Whether you ride it for 15 minutes or 5 hours, you’ll see that it’s one of the easiest-to-handle machines in any class. The new CB is a cruiser motorcycle that you just hop onto like you used to, especially when you have no particular place to go. Completely nostalgic, the CB1100 is also super-functional, easy-to-ride and just asking to take a place in your garage.

1 year ago

2014 Honda Gold Wing Valkyrie Al Lamb's Dallas Honda

Legendary performance and groundbreaking power – the GL1800 Valkyrie is the kind of cruiser that only Honda could build. Take the classic style and add in 1832cc flat six and amazing handling, and there’s no doubt that this is the boldest custom cruiser motorcycle on the road.


With earth-stopping power in the body of a cruiser, the all new GL1800 Valkyrie puts pure power in the palm of your hand. The six-cylinder 1832cc engine is a powerhouse to be reckoned with, and with a cruiser chassis, six exhaust pipes and fuel injection, you have a machine in a class of its own. A twin spar aluminum frame delivers precise handling. And laid-back seating and low center of gravity provide drivers optimum control for any maneuvering.


The GL1800 Valkyrie looks like no other sport-touring motorcycle on the road today – because it’s not. Standout styling is made clear with the frame tank and bodywork that flow from front to back. With polished-metal highlights and a low, aggressive stance, the Valkyrie street bike motorcycle has a modern look that is all about style and function.


Get your favorite cruiser at Al Lamb’s Dallas Honda now!

1 year ago

Workflow Programming: Meir Ezra

99% of things in business  repeat  themselves.


If you can truly take a look and see what the exact procedure is in a certain area of your business, you can then optimize the flow of production by creating a workflow.


Creating a workflow naturally increases the efficiency and allows group members to know what and how things need to be done.


This process is often accompanied by the use of TimeMaker, but this is not always a necessity.



·        Deviations from standard procedures.


·        Wastes of time.


·        Confusion.


·        Feeling like you are losing time and money.


·        You and the employees invent solutions that later are proven to be wrong solutions.



Business owners – whether a one man operation, a small or large business.

99% of things in business  repeat  themselves.


If you can truly take a look and see what the exact procedure is in a certain area of your business, you can then optimize the flow of production by creating a workflow.


Creating a workflow naturally increases the efficiency and allows group members to know what and how things need to be done.


This process is often accompanied by the use of TimeMaker, but this is not always a necessity.



·        Deviations from standard procedures.


·        Wastes of time.


·        Confusion.


·        Feeling like you are losing time and money.


·        You and the employees invent solutions that later are proven to be wrong solutions.



Business owners – whether a one man operation, a small or large business.

1 year ago

Most Optimum Condition - By Meir Ezra

What is the spirit most optimum condition?


There is no more condition more optimum than ‘I am what I create myself to be at any instant.’ That is really optimum. That is too juicy. That's too wonderful. Nobody could be that! And yet, that's what every thetan is“! ...


So there is a goal on the line. What do you want? What do you want to make? What do you want to create? What effect do you want to create? It's just yours. Wham. There isn't any more than that“.


“I mean, you've said the most superlative you could say when you say somebody—somebody is the potentiality of directed creation."


Visit us at Meir Ezra

2 years ago

Tokyo Gas Engineering Solutions Corporation

Corporate Profile / Organization Chart



Corporate Overview



Corporate Name


-              Tokyo Gas Engineering Solutions Corporation


Date of Establishment


-              April 1, 2015

                Merger of Energy Advance Co., Ltd. and Tokyo Gas Engineering Co., Ltd.




-              10 billion yen (100% funded by Tokyo Gas Co. Ltd.)




-              Kunio NOHATA, Representative Director, President & Chief Executive Officer

                (Senior Executive Officer of Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.)




-              137.5 billion yen (FY2013)




-              937 (as of April 1, 2015)


Business Purposes


-              On-site energy services

-              Regional energy services (district heating and cooling systems)

-              Construction and maintenance services of cogeneration systems

-              Commercialization of green business

-              Planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of energy-related facilities.

-              Sales for related facilities including LNG Receiving Terminals, high and medium pressure pipelines, gas supply facilities, power generating facilities, energy utilizing facilities, etc.

-              Collection and regeneration of various contaminated soil and water.

-              Geographic Information System and related administrative work including software development and sales, construction /updating data, equipment sales, etc.

-              Various surveys /research and consulting.


Head Office


-              Tokyo Gas Building 21F, 1-5-20 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-8527


Associated Companies


-              TGE (Shanghai) LNG Engineering Co., Ltd.

-              Aqueduct Mapping System Co., Ltd.

-              Tokyo Rigakukensa Co., Ltd.

-              GAS MALAYSIA ENERGY ADVANCE Sdn. Bhd. Othes.



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